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Android media player control

Function description

Controlling of stock Android media player and PowerAMP, using stock buttons on the steering wheel and on CD30/CD30MP3 head unit, are implemented at the moment. There are two options to control stock media player, so you may try the second one in case that the first won't work. Unfortunately not all stock Android media players support external control, so controlling is not guaranteed. Controlling of the PowerAMP player should work because their official API is used.
If you would like support of another players, you may create a task in the tracker. We will try to contact player developers for external control API.

You may select player control option in the Service Settings: "Integration Settings" -> "Audio Player control mode". In order for media player control to work, the items "Android audio control" and "Control Audio Player" should be checked. Player control is working only when the stock head unit is absent, switched off, or when "Aux" audio input is selected.

"Automatically pause audio player" option is also available and checked by default. After stock head unit is switched on not in "Aux" input mode, or after audio input is changed from "Aux" to some other, or after stock display is switched off, "pause" command will be sent to your media player.

The option "Control volume" allows to control multimedia volume of your Android device using the right wheel on your steering wheel. This option works only when stock head unit is absent or switched off. The option is disabled by default.

How to control the player

Player is controlled using "up" and "down" buttons on the right side of your steering wheel, or using "right" or "left" buttons on your head unit.
  • Single press of "down/left" arrow - switch to the previous track;
  • Single press of "up/right" arrow - switch to the next track;
  • Fast double-press of "down/left" arrow - "Stop" command;
  • Fast double-press of "up/right" arrow - "Play/Pause" command;
  • Press and hold of "down/left" arrow - "Rewind" command, is performed until the button will not be released;
  • Press and hold of "up/right" arrow - "FastForward" command, is performed until the button will not be released.
    The last two commands are working only in the "Android default player (Control Mode 2)" or "PowerAMP" Audio Player control modes.
Future plans:
  • Implementation of commands "switch to the next/previous album";
  • Output of media player information (current track, artist, playing time) on the Car Service main screen.

Русская версия

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